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Navigational  information

                                                    Position: Lat. 54°11ʺN  Long.15°33 ̎E.


         The port can mainly accommodate  vessels up to a lenght  of 85 m, and a max. draught of  4,70 metres - in fresh water for a water mean low level 507 (vessels up to 3000 DWT). However, port can handle vessels up to 100 m in lenght and draught of 5,50 m at the Węglowe quay only and Harbour Master decision for entering for such a vessel to be issued accordingly.

         In the vincinity of Kołobrzeg, the coastal current flows across the antrance of the harbour. With winds from the NE, through the E, to the SE it sets W, and with winds from the NW, through the W, to the SW it sets E. With winds from the NE, through the N, to the NW the current may set either E or W. The coast current  is strongest when gales blow parallel to the coast, and may then reach a rate 3.0 knots. The current of the river flows outwards, usually at a rate of 1 knot; after heavy rains it can often attain a rate of about 3 knots; when ice is in motion, however, it may reach 5 knots. In the summer the level of the water usually falls approx. 0.3 m, and during all seasons short water level variations may occur depending on weather (wind) conditions.  

         The coastline does not provide the harbour with any natural protection against waves and wind. At higher sea levels, entering the harbour  is difficult and may be dangerous. During strong gales vessels should not attempt to enter but stay at sea. The Port Regulations impose conditions on pilot embarkation, which may be performed with the sea state at 4°B, and the wind force up to 6°B for the vessels up to a lenght of 85 m and with the sea state max. 4°B and the wind force up to 5°B for the vessels up to 100 m. Pilotage is required for vessels exceeding 40 m LOA. Vessels should send request for pilot at least 1 h before arrival at the roads. Pilot boards about 1.0 Nm from the port entrance. Pilotage, moorind and (if necessary) towage services are handled by Pilot Service Ltd. and  are available 24 h. For radiotelphone connetions VHF Channel 12 should be used. 

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